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Using Matterport 3D Imaging to Sell Your Home

Have you ever thought of using Matterport imaging to sell your property? Actually, let’s back up.

In the never-ending search to get you as close to the real experience of touring a home (without actually, you know, touring the home), technology comes center stage.

Online listings were the first big breakthrough in digital opportunity for real estate, then came hi-resolution real estate photography for every home to go alongside those online listings, then came drones with their ability to capture the whole property. But still, we inch further into the blurred lines of reality and technology. Enter: Matterport 3D Virtual Imaging for real estate.

Matterport is the latest imaging software that is revolutionizing how commercial and private real estate is viewed and sold. One study showed that potential buyers were over 90 percent more likely to call about a property after viewing it with Matterport.

When you go to view a space, you want to really view the space. What is the spatial interaction between rooms? What does the walk down the hallway actually look like? Is this 3rd bedroom as small as it looks, or is that just the photograph? Matterport for real estate purposes answers these questions. It puts the power in your hands to view, and more importantly, feel the real space of a property. But what actually is it?

It’s a virtual tour, yes, but it’s bigger and deeper than that. It’s an immersive experience.

Matterport 3D cameras photograph the entire layout of a home or property and then stitch those photos together into a moving, virtual reality presentation. So when you view the overall image, either on a computer or in a headset, you’re looking at a continual, real-space look of the property.

When you go from the living room up the stairs into the den with Matterport - you actually navigate the stairs at real height. When you walk through a room, you can look around and see the room as if you are standing inside of it - not just through the eyes of a camera. When you walk through a doorframe, you can see if the doorframe is tall enough for your 6’8” family member. Matterport 3D provides a connection to a property you simply can’t get unless you’re there in real life.

But beyond the 3D walkthrough, there is another really cool, helpful feature. They call it the Dollhouse image. It’s perfect for seeing the outline of the home. It takes the rooms as they are - decorated, carpet, large sectional couch, etc - and combines them with every other room to give you a perfect blueprint of the house down to the realest detail.

Here are some statistics to further bolster the need for Matterport:

  • Millennial buyers now comprise 35% of all new homebuyers on the market, which means higher demand for more engaging, interactive and mobile-ready content from real estate professionals.

  • Real estate listings with extensive visual content (like video) receive over 400% more inquiries compared to those listings without visual content.

  • According to the REA Group: Buyers are 60% more likely to email an agent and 95% more likely to call an agent for a property whose listing included Matterport footage.

The upside to using Matterport in real estate is huge, but there’s some humps to get over - as usual with anything this cool. It’s not cheap to start on your own, and it’s not easy to master. That’s where Archi-Pix comes in. Our experienced Matterport photographers can handle any property for you, with confidence and quality. Book a Matterport listing today to get your property sold faster and at a better price!

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