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How Professional Photos Can Increase The Perceived Value Of Your Home

Perception is reality - or so they say.

But there is, perhaps, no realm where that statement holds more true than in the world of real estate. Perception of a real estate company nudges in you either into or away from working with them. Perception of a neighborhood encourages you to look further or drop a property entirely. Perception of a realtor gives you confidence (or not) that your home will be sold quickly and efficiently. The perception for homebuyers of the life they could have in that home that's for sale can be the final step in enticing them to buy.

Perhaps the greatest feeling perceived during the process of homebuying is the moment you see a property’s interior for the first time. And not the first time in person. The first time overall - which usually means online. Which means photographs and video.

The photographs and video of a property you are selling or browsing through during the buying process hold much more weight than one may realize. Utilizing a high-quality HDLR camera with experienced editing software, alongside an experienced touch in staging rooms properly, will lead to a clean first impression that gives a potential buyer the chance to see the rooms as anything they want - not just as the sellers had them.

Getting your property shot by the pros will be a small upfront cost which could actually lead to thousands of additional dollars in profit at closing time. Seriously.

Studies by industry leaders have determined that professional real estate photography increases the perceived value of a property by as much as 6%. A $500,000 home with professional real estate photography can be seen as a $530,000 home in the eyes of the buyer - just from professionally-shot content on the listing.

A recent experiment in England further highlighted this phenomenon. A real estate insurance company (AXA) polled 1,000 citizens to determine these statistics.

Here’s what the study did:

  • A standard apartment flat in London was cleaned and tidied, but still left as it was when the owner lived there. Shades were drawn, furniture was left as it was, etc.

  • And then photographs were taken by amateurs using nice, but not professional, cameras.

  • Then that same flat was staged and set up by a professional before being photographed by an HDLR camera and edited properly.

  • Once they had those photos, they took to the streets to poll the people.

When presented with photos of the ‘Before’ flat, the public estimated the price to rent the place was on average $779. Which falls in line with what the property is actually worth ($750). Later, the researchers presented other citizens with the photos of the professionally staged and photographed ‘After’ flat. The very same flat was then estimated to cost $959 on average! That's a 23% lift in the price.

Perception is powerful! Even if perception might not equal reality directly and constantly, it has power. And when you’re trying to sell a 6-digit property that’s closer to 7 digits than 5, it is in your best interest to invest that small amount upfront to ensure your listing has the very best chance to score the highest price.


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