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Weather and Real Estate Photography

It’s a dog eat dog kind of world out there. That’s why we offer same-day real estate photography! We dedicate ourselves to providing the best real estate photography as soon as you say ‘go’.

But what happens when you need top-quality shots on a can’t-afford-to-mess-this-up type of listing and the weather is looking more Seattle and less Laguna Beach?

We lend a hand, of course.

Shooting real estate photography in poor weather is never easy. At best, it’s a call for more precaution, work, effort, and post-image effects. At worst, it’s a no-go. But given our experience in these situations - we shoot listings in 8 states, so we have seen all the weather - we know just how to work with the rain, clouds, or snow instead of against it.

Take the most frequent example, a beautiful home on a beautiful property needs shooting but it’s a cloudy down day. You don’t want a gloomy sky hanging over your awesome listing. What you need is a blue sky - no matter what.

We got you.

Our talented touch-up team that handles all editing can do magic. Well, perhaps not magic like you know it from Harry Potter, but magic on the computer screen. Blue Sky Replacement is a technology that literally takes gray skies and replaces it with that California coastline sky. It’s amazing what a blue sky can do to an image. It takes an easily forgettable photo and turns it into something cheery and pleasant to look at.

It’s a simple touch that we include in any photo package, and it really could be the difference between your listing taking off or sitting idle for a few weeks.

Beyond the wonders of Blue Sky Replacement, we’ve got some other advice on how to best photograph your property during inclement weather.

Get What You Can

The homeowner most likely went through a lot of effort to prep their space for photos. Even if it’s rainy or worse, you can still get most or all of the interior shots. Do not cancel because of weather.

Find The Beauty

Some people enjoy the rain. Some people think of the breakfast nook with a view of a rainy backyard in the morning as paradise. Some people would love to look out from their bedroom balcony and see snowy banks. Just because it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows doesn’t mean the day is over.

Wait For The Right Moment

Afternoon showers have a habit of subsiding just before the sun goes down. We’ve found that if you wait until the right moment, the sunset shot of the property can look amazing with the shine of rain on the grass, and reflecting off the windows and siding. Honestly, it’s a real image that puts a real perspective of the property in someone’s mind. The Right Moment could be seconds away during real estate photography.

Plan Properly

Does the weather report show a 10% chance of rain at 2pm but 80% at 4pm? Well, re-arrange your day if you can. Ask if you can show up earlier. If possible, be aware of the potential weather and put yourself in a position to succeed. Get the exterior images first and then worry about the inside while the rain pours down.

Real Estate Photography is our passion. We’re not going to let a little weather get in the way of making your home look perfect!


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