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Features to Feature With A Drone

Aerial photography has skyrocketed in popularity in the last five years, and it’s something every real estate agent needs to offer. Images from a drone provide perspective that you simply cannot get otherwise (well, unless you have access to a helicopter). That being said, know your limitations. Not every property will benefit from aerial imaging. There are some houses that are cramped, have massive tree cover, or simply don’t have much to offer that you can’t see from the ground.

But that isn’t the typical case. Most homes on the market can benefit from aerial imaging. BUT. If your property has one of the following qualities, then you MUST utilize an HD drone for your real estate marketing photos.


Come on! Of course you need drone photos if you’ve got a pool. That’s what it’s there for, isn’t it? Well, besides swimming, the entire purpose of a pool is to get some really cool twilight aerial images from multiple angles using your 4K-quality eye-in-the-sky. A pool plays a big part in the financials of the property listing, so show it off! And don’t just get a standard, noontime, shot down of the pool. Plan it.

Play the light off the water, test 10ft, 20ft, 30ft, 75ft up from the same angle and see which is best. The pool creates such a fun environment, and is a major asset, so capturing it with your drone should be a no-brainer.

Basketball/Tennis Courts

Penalty flag on you if you don’t use the sporting courts as a major selling point to your home. When people buy houses, they buy so much more than the structure. They buy the lifestyle that comes with it. They want the value added to their quality of life, and there is no better way to do that than when an athletic venture combines with a recreational one in their very own backyard. Showing a potential customer what kind of lifestyle they can be living with sport courts via your drone is a must-do for your portfolio of the property.


Home buyers who want a garden - what they mean to say is that they NEED a garden. Anyone who searches for home with a garden as a prerequisite will probably only end up buying a home that offers them what they want. So, if your property has one, make it a priority.

To the general public, a small garden may be “forget about it” kind of quality. But for the faction of homebuyers who want it, having high-quality images of your garden space (neat, manicured, in-season) will directly hit the niche market you need. And if you happen to own a greenhouse, that’s a top-seller. Show it off.

Any body of water

What do you have? A pond? A lake? Hey, a small creek even? Humans are naturally attracted to water. It’s science, look it up. Being next to a body of water has a calming-effect on humans, and multiple studies have proven that top-dollar drone photos of the body of water on your listing’s property will make it 3x more attractive. Hey, it’s science, what can we say.

But if you happen to have one of these features even in the remote area of your home, you need to capture it professionally. If the large pond is a half-a-mile down the road, that can be featured as a huge value-add in lifestyle for the home buyer. And if you happen to have a body of water even closer, then you’ve hit the jackpot! Aerial photos are highly recommended.

Intriguing layout/architecture

Unique, interesting home layouts or specific, well-done styles of architecture should be celebrated. And the best way to explain the layout of the eastern-facing wing is from above. And the best way to see the minute features around the joint between roof and structure is done via a drone. There are dozens

more examples, but if you have any type of really unique architecture or home style then get some aerial images done!


In some trains of thought, the word privacy means space. And in real estate, space definitely equals privacy. So if your property is chock-full of privacy - whether it be the official, gated kind or the massive amount of forest until the property line - then you need to pick-up the nearest professional aerial real estate photographer you can find. Homeowners value privacy in a home, and sometimes the only way to understand exactly how private the property really is, is from above. If that’s the case with your listing, then don’t waste a golden opportunity.

If you know one of these aforementioned “professional aerial real estate photographer’s” then give them a call. But if you don’t have any of them on speed dial, we know a few good ones that delivery HD, 4K ultra quality images the same day. Just give us a call!

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