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Real Estate Photography Statistics

professional real estate photography house with pool

We all know the saying, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. But when it comes to real estate photography, a picture is actually worth several thousand dollars.


We’re serious. High-quality real estate photography of your listed property is statistically proven to close homes at closer to asking price than homes listed without quality photos. Professional images, especially those done through the lens of a photographer looking at your home from the potential-buyers perspective, provide a relatability and realness that simply can’t be added through amateur shots. Especially when you look at how buyers are viewing homes these days.

stairwell professional real estate photography

Gone are the days of trolling through neighborhoods looking for the signs sticking up out of the yard. Instead, buyers are trolling through real estate websites, only clicking on the homes that pique their interest. And to do that, you need the best photos of your property. It’s proven to get your home sold sooner, for more.

One in-depth study proved that properties with real estate photography sold faster, and for more money, than similar homes listed at similar prices in similar areas that had no professional images.

The survey pitted 350 homes with professional real estate photos against 350 homes without it, and the homes with professional photos sold almost 50% faster and 39% closer to original asking cost than those without professional photos.

Let’s look at the numbers a little closer. 90% of homebuyers search for houses online. (Can you picture trying to pitch a house online without pictures? Where would you even start?) Of all listings online, those with professional photos received 61% more views than homes with amateur photos.

Now those statistics are all useful information, helpful even. But do they directly equate to more money in your pocket? Maybe, but not as much as this next stat.

Homes listed with professional real estate photography receive 47% higher asking price per square foot.

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